Children of Cambodian

Children of Cambodian
Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.”

Gideon's House Student Center

Gideon's House Student Center's budget

Dear friends,
This is the budget of Gideon's House Student Centre.
1/ Rent 250$ per Month 
2/ House father and cook 150$ per Month.
3/ Manager 200$ per Month
4/ Water and electricity 60$ per Month.
5/ Tel and Internet computer service 100$ per Month.
6/ Food/ cooking gas for 12 students 400$ *** if student pay some we will need about 200$ per Month.
7/ School fee for each student 450$ per year.
8/ Book/ material/ extra lessons example: English 300$ per year for each student.
9/ Set up, beds chair, cooker, computers, internet, pay advance three Month rent......etc. we about 2500$ to start with.
******* this budget for 12 student in a house.
******* All amount in USD.
*******Now student just finished their year 12. Most of Uni will start in September or October.
******* There are five boys student has been asking for help and many another are in needs for education.
*******Some student will pay their own school fee or their own book or their own food according to their condition.

Much love in Christ Jesus
Brother Sarun Koy

Low Pearoth 03,09,1990.
From Kg Cham province,
Study tourism at Norton University,
Started 03,10, 2010 finish 03,10,2014
Full support by Family For Mission.

Kha Lim, 04,10, 1987
From Kan Dal Province.
Study accounting at National Institute of Management(NIM)
Started 05,10, 2009 finish 2012.
Support from Family For Mission
-Free rent
-Free water& Electricity
-Book and Internet

Kimchean Koy 02,22, 1998
Year eight, at Logos International Christian School.
Support by Family For Mission
-School fee.

Chun Hieng 17,04,1992
From Kg Speu province.
Study marketing at Human Resouces University
Start 03,10,2011 finish 03,10,2014
Support from Family For Mission
-Free rent
-Water& Electricity
-University fee
-Books and Internet

Choum Aron 16,12, 1991
From Kg Chanang province.
Study Economic at Phnom Penh Royal University of Rull & Economic
Start 03,10,2011 finish 03,10, 2014
Full support by Family For Mission

Chhum See Dan 06,10, 1993
From Kan Dal province.
Study Vaterinary at National Agricuilture University
Start 09,10, 2011 finish 09,10, 2014
Support from Family For Mission
-Free rent
-Water and Electricity

Chea Chan Leap 20,10, 1993
From Kg Cham province
Study tourism at Norton University
Start 05,10, 2011 finish 05,10, 2014
Support from Family For Mission
-Free rent
-Water& Electricity
-Book and Internet