Children of Cambodian

Children of Cambodian
Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.”

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Borderless Mission, trip to Battambang(Thai's border)

Dear friends and supporters, I can only start with my word thankful to our Lord Jesus and thank to all of you that have been praying and supporting for God's Work in Cambodia.
It was another amazing mission trip to Battambang province(Thai's border). Battambang is a place that God gave us with many good relationship with Pastors Church's leader along Thai's border, which this mission started since 2005. As a Pastor fellowship team we are(Pastor Sarun, Pastor Vanna, Pastor Sarath, Pastor Sowath and Buntoeun) for sure we knew in our heart that God called us for this kind of mission to build relationship with those isolate Churches around Cambodia especially along Thai's border to stand with them help them by sharing our experences that we had with Jesus Christ and fellowship with them to get them to maturity of Christ.
This trip we Praise the Lord for the opportunity to meet with those Pastors and Church's leaders, which some of them are the privious Khmer Rouge and now God put them on possition to lead His Church. One of the Pastor said "as a Khmer Rouge army, I did a lot of sin in my life i treated on people very badly, when I met Jesus I felt guilty, but by the Grace of God He saved me, He forgive my sin, and I can't make sin again". After i have heard this testimony it really help me to see how big BIG and Graceful of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
From village to village visited home churches, pray for the sick people, preach the Gospel and we leaded two man in a coffe shop to the Lord Jesus, Praise Jesus. And we did a half day seminar at Pastor Sokhom's Church and we finished with water Baptism for 15 adults and five children.
Great joy to meet with children of God, we are blessed and everyone we met they're blessed, we had such a great joy and like the joy that Mary and Elizabath had when they met each other.
thank those who contribut the money for reading glases, people are very happy when they able to read their Bible with those reading glases.

From now we will call our Pastor fellowship team name(Borderless Mission Team).
Borderless Mission Team invited to go back to Thai's bother again in Feb 2012 for two day seminar. Please continuely pray with us.
May the Lord bless you.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thank to brother Rick Bristow

Thanks brother Rick for the time that we spent together it has been very fruitful for ministry and for Family For Mission. The Lord bless you.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Visit to Preah Andong house Church

Thursday morning 13th Sarun said lets visit the family at Preah Andong. There are 7 who gather together to worship the LORD and encourage each other in the Word of God. As there has been major flooding,we heard that the road was cut and the only way to travel there was by motorbike. The district Governor had said that the flooding had devastated the area, he was right. What we saw was a fullscale disaster. Our journey there turned out to be an amazing experience similiar to what the students experienced when they went to Trea Commune. Riding through the rubber plantations presented no problems. We came to the top of the hill and the steep descent down to the flood plain where the village of Tulroka is located. massive landslides onto the road as well as landslips. The pictures taken from the top show the extent of the flooding. The water and been falling slowly for a week,as we rode along the road there were many places where the erosion had caused the road to be the width of a car. About 3kms along came to an abrupt stop no road a section of maybe 200 meters gone. All along the road were temporary housing for both people and livestock. Cars, trucks, boats, nets, food stalls all life and action was on the road which is the only high ground.
Many people had gathered at the end of the road as people and motorbikes were being transported by saw boats round the missing section of road. We had the unique experience of be transport by small boats. The first trip the boat was big enough to take both bikes, but on the return journey the boat could only take one bike each. The bikes were loaded first then Sarun walked on and sat on his bike and I did the same. Balancing was the key to staying afloat and the old saying don't rock the boat became reality. Please enjoy the photos, the believers were greatly encouraged and we give thanks to the LORD JESUS for His faithfulness and goodness to us in making a way to visit the house church. The LORD bless you Brother Rick.










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