Children of Cambodian

Children of Cambodian
Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.”

Stung Trong Church

         Stung Trong Church established 1st September 2003 by God via brother Rick Bristow, Timothy Bradley and Pastor Sarun Koy.
The story is this in year 2001 I have met Mr Kimdo Once at a soldier hospital in Phnom Penh. That time I was joining as a volunteer worker with a Christian NGO to give food and share the Gospel with patients. As it was a God's plan I shared with Mr Kim and he did receive God for his own savior. Since then I met brother Rick and Timothy at the same hospital then we has one heart to pray and support Mr Kim and God bless him an opportunity to learn skill after that Mr Kim got a job at Stung Trong district. As a young Chistian Mr Kim arrived at Stung Stung but no other Christian in the area then God put in our heart to came here and started preach the Good News of Jesus them many people came to Christ with hungry heart. After while we started to rent a building to established as a home Church and run a mobile medical outreach and building house rice contribution and the work of God just grow everydays. Now from Stung Trong Church it grow to Preah Church, Boeung Kat Church, and another five home Church in Stung Trong district. Praise the Lord Jesus.

Water Baptism at Stung Trong in Mekong river