Children of Cambodian

Children of Cambodian
Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.”

Hannah's House Student Centre

Chan Leakana 17 year olds, from Kg Chnang. She came to Hannah's House Student Centre with her mum to ask for permision to stay in Hannah's House Student Centre and get support during she study at university in Phnom Penh.
Chan Leakana is making a decision between studying banker or medical doctor. Chan Leakan's mother could afford to pay only 400USD per year for banker skill but she can't afford to pay 800USD per year for medical doctor skill as Chan Leakana desire.

New motobike for HHSC
Thank to who donated fund to Hannah's House Student Centre to make us able to buy a new motobike for our staff.

Hannah's House Student Centre started since 2008 when we met a need to support a girl from Stung Trong district. Her name is Morm Sodanath(Srey Pov). Srey Pov was completed her year 12. She had a great desire to continue her education till finish at University. Because the poverty of her family, her parent can't effort to send her to University in Phnom Penh.God puts in our heart to help Srey Pov to continued her study. That why we took her to Phnom Penh, and stay at a house that we rent include paid for school fee till graduated from University. Then the word has been spread out, and more student came to us ask for support and place to stay with Srey Pov. From there, we called this house "Hannah'h House Stundent Centre". Since then to now Hannah's House Student Centre has been supporting 17 girls and two boys. They all come from the poor family at country side of Cambodia. They learn as doctor, accountant, English, saloon, admins, tourism, cleaner and baby care. Most of them study part time and work part time. There are four of five girls that graduated, four of them got job. We are very exciting about Hannah's House Student Centre because it does help young people to reach their own future and they help rebuild their own Nation of Cambodia.