Children of Cambodian

Children of Cambodian
Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.”

Friday, December 9, 2011

Gideon's House and Hannah's House

Education support up todate.
Praise the Lord for His grace to everyonce who live in student centers of Family for Mission. God really bless with financially to support our student with food, accommodation, school fee, computer, internet service, relationship and good care from our staffs. Our students very thankful to God and to all supporters that make them able to continue to achieve their education.

Hannah's House,
Some of student from Hannah's House they had finished their studies, now they left the centre to learn how to stand on their own foot, they got job and live on their own rent.
In Hannah's House student center, now, we have nine students, so next year we will accept three more students to make it twelve student as our plan for Hannah's House.
We thank the Lord for his provision for all supporters that He sent to support our student continuely, especially in October we got much support enought to pay rent for two years a head (we will start pay again untill Sept 2013) for Hannah's House. That such a great blessingnto us, because to raise fund to pay rent and everything every Month it is not an easy job for us.

Gideon's house, since we established this house God also start poure down His blessing updon to this misnistry and now we already accepted seven students(they are boys. They are study on difference subject in University. Pearoth is studing Tourism, Lim is studing accountant, Leap is studing Economic, Aron is studing Economic,Sedan is studing veterinary, Hong is studing Pharmcist, Hieng is studing marketing. All student get difference level of spport from our organisation.
We're so amezing with they come from difference province but now relate with each other very well like a family indeed.
It same as Hannah's House, we planed to look after twelves student in Gideon's House. In January 2012 we will accept five more students.

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